Easy kids’ dinner plate idea

Hello there!

I am back! Summer went by way too quickly around here and when I blinked this blog had been left for a while now. I apologize for no new posts. I am planning to post on our camping trip with our twin toddlers soon.

With our boys being 19 months old, they are enthusiastic about learning and playing with new friends and being in new environments, I try my hardest to keep our days occupied with activities lately. Whenever we are at home, I am teaching them the alphabet, numbers, names of objects, songs, etc… (by playing), and we also go to a few play groups a week so that they can use the toys that we don’t have at home like a play kitchen or a train set. It is also great for social time for them and for this mommy too!

I have established several play/learn options that I have for indoor days and I would love to share these activities that my boys like in the future on here. I don’t have any strict schedules but I would love to try to have some “home school day care” type of days when we are not out.

Also, I look forward to sharing my toddler meal ideas again since my boys can eat much more diverse meals and they are not as picky anymore. Just as a sneak peak, here is a plate I made for the boys for dinner one day.

character bento cute toddler meal - mommyoutnumbered.com

They are so into animals so I am so glad I have cute cookie cutters from Japan. I can cut anything like ham, cheese, cucumber, etc into animals or shapes! They get excited to eat cute things so that really made me want to do these little things to please them (also it encourages them to try or eat the food even if they are being picky).

This meatloaf patty is my boys’ and my husband’s favorite dish. They will never know it has zucchini, carrot and onion! I have uploaded my recipe for this healthy meatloaf before if you would like to make it for you or your little ones.

Of course, mommy’s plate looks like this…

character bento cute toddler meal - mommyoutnumbered.com 2

Things you sacrifice to please your kids. Haha.


Anyways, please check back for more parenting topics in the future. In the mean time, I am pretty active on my Instagram and Instagram Stories on there, so please come check it out.

I hope everyone is having a great week.

Thank you so much for coming to visit this blog. Have a great day / night!



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