10 Things I have learned From Being a Mother of Twins

I often get asked how it is to have twins. The truth is, I am not sure if or how it is different from having just one child or multiple children in different ages. I only know the life of having twin boys. However, I have always liked seeing little joke memes about being a parent of twins or reading / watching a day in life of a twin mom.

This time, I thought I would like to share my experience of being a mom of twins. A year ago, I probably would have written a completely different list. I used to get overwhelmed and get worried lots because I wasn’t used to any of this parenthood journey. I have gathered 10 things that I think a parent of twins could probably relate!

10 Things I learned from being a mom of twins - mommyoutnumbered.com

I am sharing my post on this topic on The Other Johnsons blog today. So click on here for a direct link to hop over to read the full list. Hope you enjoy!! Thank you so much Heather for hosting this guest blog opportunity!

While you are there, I encourage you to check out some of her other posts since she writes many interesting posts on motherhood. Heather is a fellow mommy blogger that I became friends with online. She is a fun, kind, and generous person. You can see that from her writing as well. I love her style, so I am so honoured to be able to do a blog swap with her this time. If you haven’t read her guest post she did on my blog last week, read it here. She is an amazing mom and a blogger!

Thank you for visiting my site.

Have a great day.

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