Babies and Music

I enjoy music. I grew up in a family where my mom always sang songs to us and played her favorite songs on her piano. My brother and I got to learn to play some instruments and I took some chorus lessons, and I also had been a ballet dancer since I was 5 years old, loving to dance to classical music. (I danced until pregnancy and now I want to go back to dancing soon)

When I met my husband, the concept of music that I had in my head changed. He ENJOYS music. He savors it. He doesn’t play any instrument but he loves music and understands the background and meanings of each piece. Lots of people have genres of music they like, but he listens to everything. One of the things I really enjoyed while spending time with him (before we got busy with kids!) was when we just sit and listen to a piece of music and he explains the lyrics or some history to me and we go on to search related music and we would spend the whole night listening to music in our living room…

This love of music, I guess, runs in our family!! Our boys LOVE music.


I listened to many different types of music while I was pregnant with my boys. Actually the very first time I felt fluttering in my belly was when I was driving home from work and I was listening to I’m Yours by Jason Mraz. I said to the boys in my belly, at that time, “Great taste!” hahaha

Here is a post I wrote when I was pregnant:

As my pregnancy progressed, I realized that when I listened to songs I really liked, I felt stronger kicks. When I had a day when I didn’t feel much movement in my belly and I was concerned, my husband suggested to put a head set on my belly and let them listen to Jack Johnson. And of course, they moved!!

After the boys were born, my husband brought his MP3 player and a speaker to our hospital room and we (including the babies) all listened to music. That helped me calm down after being so overwhelmed about breastfeeding, being a brand new mom, etc.

When they were newborns and didn’t really respond to us yet, I would always put a CD on. Some CDs we often play are some kids’ songs in Japanese, English nursery rhymes, and best of all, songs by Raffi. When the boys were 11 months old, we took them to Raffi’s concert and they sat very nicely on our laps and swayed and clapped to Raffi’s performance for the whole concert. We couldn’t believe how well behaved they were! They can be fussy and energetic but the songs that they have heard all their lives were so familiar to them that they were so calm while he preformed his songs on the stage.


Now our boys are almost 17 months old, and guess what? They still love music. Whenever I put CDs on or music comes on TV or DVD, they stand up and start dancing and giggling!

Here are some of their favorite kids’ CDs or music shows they really enjoy now:


Their day usually starts with a Japanese TV show (Inai Inai Baa) with kids’ songs and their day ends with me singing them songs while putting them down to sleep.

Music has such a great impact on people and pairing music with my day lifts my spirits. So I am hoping that our boys will continue to grow up surrounded by great quality music, including the children’s songs they experienced first!

Thank you so much for reading. Hope you have a great day.



This post contains some affiliate links for CDs, however, this post is not sponsored.

4 thoughts on “Babies and Music

  1. Leyla says:

    Our kids love music too! I’ll look on YouTube for some of your suggestions, thanks for another enjoyable post xxx


  2. Shelley says:

    They will even dance along with the ringtones when they hear it! Thats absolutely adorable!!! Love you all❤


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