Co-sleeping with twins (revealing our massive floor bed)

I have mentioned this briefly before, but we co-sleep. (this term still feels weird to use since I had no idea there was a special term for sleeping with your kids until I became a parent!)

When our twin boys were newborn (until 5 months), they slept in their own bassinets, beside our bed, until they outgrew them. Afterwards, they slept in their cribs, in their room, up till they were about 10 months. Around that time the boys were still not sleeping well from frequent sleep-regressions, and we were considering some of the many thought-provoking, but entirely too many different options, from online studies, professionals, and opinion-based anecdote. Little did we know that we would both come full-circle and do what our parents had done with us.

Our co-sleeping”family bed” is custom made at a foam shop

I am glad we didn’t co-sleep with them when they were little and fragile though. With my husband and I exhausted from being new parents of newborn twins and getting little to no sleep, we were concerned about our awareness when we did manage to sleep. Both of us were uncomfortable with having such tiny babies who couldn’t roll well beside us in our bed! After all, while we want to spend to close to our babies, we felt the risk of hurting them outweighed the need for night-snuggles.

Our boys started waking up many times at night around 8-10 months, and we tried sleep training briefly but it was not for us and it left us with traumatic experience. That’s when I said, why don’t I sleep with them to see if they sleep better?

I LOVE snuggling with my babies and I have napped with them on the floor or bed lots, so I thought I would enjoy it as much as the babies might sleep better. I am from Japan, where sleeping together as a family is extremely common. Especially when children are very young, the parents sleep in the same room as the babies. That’s how I was raised and I loved it.


co-sleepint with twins room 2

No room for toy shelf or chairs right now, the entire floor space is filled with the massive bed. I guess we should get rid of two cribs that we use as storage!


We are aware of some of the controversies and risks of co-sleeping. When I was pregnant with my twin boys, my husband and I took a series of prenatal classes offered at a local hospital. It was amazing. I learned so much new information on giving birth, dealing with purple crying, breastfeeding, bathing babies, exercises to do before birth, postpartum depression, etc. And I also learned what NOT TO DO. We were told to NEVER sleep with our infants. (possibility of SIDS due to overheating, suffocating, and being rolled on, etc)

So, I am glad we waited till the boys were old enough to be able to roll away if they are in an uncomfortable position or get rolled on by the other baby, etc.

This wasn’t actually a huge change for me since I used to be in their room so often doing night time feeding for two babies (sometimes at different times) and settling two babies at different times. I admit, I used to fall asleep until morning with them in my arms on top of the thin play mat on the floor in their nursery. My back and shoulders couldn’t have taken that abuse for this long though.

When we decided to actually sleep with them, we had to think of options. We have two babies who move a lot in their sleep. We also have a cat who always sleeps with us at night. So five of us will have to fit in a bed. Our Queen sized bed is not big enough and it is too high to have babies on it since they might fall in the middle of their sleep.

So we purchased an extra firm, king size mattress that’s 4 inches thick to put down on their room floor.

The boys enjoy playing, reading and wrestling on the mattress as well as sleeping on it.



After bath time, we (if my husband is home, he will always help with putting them down for bed) read them books and we snuggle on the bed while we sing them many songs. Even when the boys slept in their own bassinets or cribs, we always always sang to them and that’s something I really enjoy doing. When we sing to them, they start to get sleepy and they eventually settle down to fall asleep. Once they are asleep, we come out of their room and tackle housework and other things (like blogging, working out, watching TV, etc) until it’s our bed time. Then we go into their room to go snuggle with them again until morning.

Due to some of the silliness and judgement that sometimes surrounds the differences in “Mothering”, I was afraid to share with other people that we sleep in the same bed with our children before. But this is what got our boys to sleep through the night, sometimes really well that they won’t wake up till like 8:30 am! This was the only option I was able to get any sleep. Because taking care of twin babies sometimes felt like “work” rather than “connection time” in the early days, they were left on the flour to play and entertain themselves, I could never get one-on-one time, and I felt like I never gave them the amount of skin-to-skin time that is “recommended “, etc… (I had to stop breastfeeding after 8 weeks) That often gave me a guilt as a mother. But after we started to sleep with the boys, I don’t have that guilt any more. They cuddle right up to me and I love it.


(the elephant blankets and custom baby window banner are from an Etsy shop called BlanketsETC)


The only question I have now is, what to do with their room now? The king size mattress is pretty big and two empty cribs are still in there too. I have some ideas of how to transform their room but I don’t want them to grow up and stop sleeping with us anytime soon either! haha!

Anyways, thank you so much for reading.

I just wanted to share our experience of sharing the bed with our children. There are so many ways to parent our kids and I think every way is right for each family. I have never experienced raising children that aren’t twins, so I am sure there are lots of different challenges for each and every family. I understand this so much more since I became a parent. I never truly understood how we have to play it by ear and how our strategy may change each day!

Have a great day!





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9 thoughts on “Co-sleeping with twins (revealing our massive floor bed)

  1. Michelle says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing. While on our vacation we co-slept with Linnaea and I loved it. However, we have a queen size bed at home and it’s not big enough for the 3 of us to share either and so how your family sleeps is a great option :). I loved snuggling up to her and it was a lot easier for me to feed her (without having to get up and walk into her room)… I felt like I had way more sleep. Their room looks adorable btw!


  2. Emily says:

    My husband and I co-sleep with our twins. They’re four years old and we have a super king size bed – somehow I still end up with no room! We haven’t always co-slept, but when they got to the point of being able to climb out of their beds and into ours, that’s when it started and it’s been going on a while now. I’d love to not co-sleep as I love my sleep, but I’m not awake enough in the night to argue with them to get back into their beds! We co-sleep safely, that’s the main thing. Your bed looks super comfy. .Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky


  3. CiCi says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! Our sleep situation is completely different from yours, the boys have slept in the seperate cribs in same room since they were born. And yet, I relate to this post immensely. I feel like “mothering” is and should be what we feel is best for our families. And what you are doing is amazing, healthy and a happy choice for your own little brood, a king size floor bed seems absolutely dreamy to me! I love snuggling too but I don’t get the chance as often. Except when their teething or sick, they sleep with me. However, strangely enough they prefer sleeping in their own bed (maybe they’re used to it?). Anyways, never feel afraid to share things like this. Everyone parents differently and there is no one right way to do it. And if some one says so, then they’re crazy! Haha babies are different, parents are different. Oh god, I need to stop rambling! This is the first post I’ve read here and it’s such an amazing one. Gotta go read more now!


  4. CiCi says:

    Wait, I lie. The boys have slept in their room, seperate cribs since they were 6 months. Up until then they shared a crib beside my bed.


  5. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Hi Cici, Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate your kind words. I absolutely agree with you too. Every family has every different way to parent. And nothing goes as we imagined things to work out! haha. We purchased two nice brand new cribs that will convert into toddler beds because we “planned” that our boys will be sleeping in them, but oh well, once I became a mother, I knew better. I had to play by ear. I had to do what our babies needed. πŸ™‚
    I used to get affected by more mommy guilt because I didn’t know any fellow twin moms until my boys were 9 months old and people used to tell me to do things…. like my sister in law is a CIO sleep-training, only breastfeeding, and non- co-sleeping enthusiast and I know she encouraged me because she wanted to help me and I admire that she could do that with her kids but it wasn’t for me….
    but recently thanks to a lot of support in current mommy communities including Instagram moms and blogging moms, I don’t feel so guilty. πŸ™‚ So I am thankful that I found a blogger like you and can relate!!


  6. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Awww thank you so much!
    And I am glad you enjoyed sleeping with your baby on your trip!! Vacation is a special time and special co-sleeping and snugging is so nice πŸ™‚ I agree about getting more sleep sleeping in the same bed too! haha if they start to wiggle or start to wake up, I can just roll over to cuddle and put them back to sleep πŸ˜‰ hehe


  7. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
    That’s great to hear from other parents who co-sleep with their twins. I feel like as they get older and know who we are, they want to sleep with us or stay with us longer… or something! I used to be like that… even when I got my own bed and my parents stopped co-sleeping with us, I used to sneak into their bed most of the nights πŸ™‚
    Did you keep your girls’ cribs in their room? I don’t know if I should get rid of them or maybe use them as toddler beds later… can’t decide!
    Thank you for hosting #BinkyLinky. (i am so sorry the badge was not displayed properly on my post. I did that late at night and I was so sleepy… now I fixed it)


  8. Tan of Squirrelly Minds says:

    I’ve always loved your guys’ massive floor bed! I’m similar to you in that squirrelly babe slept beside us in his own bed until 6 months and then he moved into his own room/crib. Thankfully he’s a really good sleeper (let’s hope it stays that way) but there are nights that he’s up often or just can’t get settled, so he comes and sleeps between us. It’s THE BEST. A part of me wants to put our mattress on the floor so he can always sleep with us. A few weeks back he fell asleep stroking my face then holding my hand. I love those nighttime cuddles! And it’s funny the whole controversy around co sleeping. I think it’s so frowned upon perhaps because not everyone takes proper precautions, and that’s when unfortunate situations take place. If you’re smart about it (you guys have a perfect set up) there’s absolutely no harm. It’s been done for centuries around the world.
    Wooo long comment sorry!
    Oh also, if you want help redesigning your boys’ room you know where to find me πŸ˜‰


  9. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Thank you!!!! Awww that’s so cute you sometimes get to have nighttime cuddles with your baby πŸ™‚ He probably loves it too!! Maybe when you travel soon, you might have to cosleep at hotels and that will be like a cute special time πŸ˜‰ It feels like sleeping over at friends’ house or camping… it’s fun!

    And thank you… I am so grateful all of my friends (especially who are moms) know what is best for our children despite the whole pressure on some parenting ideas from some articles or prenatal courses. I feel like I was following everything according to Western societies’ expectations until I gave birth and then realized I had to make accomodations for myself now to FIT my family πŸ™‚ xoxo


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