Interactive Nursery Rhyme App Review

As a mother of two one year olds, I seek to educate my boys and also to entertain them in a beneficial way. We have loads of toys and books, and we sing songs. We usually don’t let our boys play with our phones or tablets since they still think they are something to chew on or throw down the stairs… but I was always interested in some interactive apps that are available on there.

Recently I installed an app called “Nursery Rhymes for Kids” (also shown as KidloLand).

Kidloland Nursery Rhyme for kids app review

kidloland app review by mommyoutnumbered4

Our boys are enjoying the object moving when they touch the screen

It has 80+ Nursery Rhymes and 155+ original and educational songs for kids to teach them ABCs, fruits, vegetables, vehicles birds and much more (as stated on their website); all the songs are with unique animations, for example, you can touch to make animals move or sing. It acts like a game, not just a song player, whereas something like Youtube or TV shows are more passive in comparison. (which isn’t a bad thing at different occasions!)

kidloland app review by mommyoutnumbered8

kidloland app review by mommyoutnumbered9

Some songs are the ones that are very familiar to us, and we can sing along with them, but there are others that are new to us, so it’s nice to get to know more nursery rhymes! Especially because I am from Japan and I did not grow up listening to English nursery rhymes, it’s nice for me to practise the classics and also to have an opportunity for my kids to listen to the original lyrics to original music.

kidloland app review by mommyoutnumbered6

kidloland app review by mommyoutnumbered12

The app is available for App Store (Apple), Google Play, and Amazon App Store, and it is actually free to download with many songs available to listen to for free as well. However, if you want to download extended materials, you would have to purchase (either file by file or by the whole thing) and install as you proceed.

kidloland app review by mommyoutnumbered14

With how much animation, songs, and interactive features this app offers, I expected it to be slow, but I was impressed that the app runs very smoothly even on my small capacity Android phone while my boys keep randomly touch the screen pretty strongly!

kidloland app review by mommyoutnumbered2

This was taken when my boys were sick so it was perfect spending quiet but fun time with daddy using this app


kidloland app review by mommyoutnumbered3

The boys are loving seeing any animals move on the screen as they are learning what they are called and how they sound right now. Also they dance as the music plays!

I think this is a great app for every parent to have on their phone for on the go; it is a perfect distraction / entertainment for a road trip, airplane ride, a grocery shopping trip, etc, if your toddlers get too bored. Or if you can’t always entertain them (let’s be honest, it’s tough to be always interactive and playful when you have to cook and go to bathroom etc…) at home, this will be a life saver!


If you have any app or program suggestions for toddler age, please let me know. I love seeking educational tools for the boys now that they are learning to speak!

Thank you for reading!


I was given a free subscription of this app from the developer of KidloLand for a review. However, I spent a few weeks trying it out and letting my boys play to really test out the app. My opinion is 100% honest and it was my decision to post this review on my blog.

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