Easy Home-made Beef Jerky

My husband’s work is busy and sometimes he doesn’t get a proper lunch break. So he takes some snacks to work like a protein bar, a protein shake, an apple, a banana, etc… Recently, he found his mom’s old dehydrator in our garage and he remembered how his mom used to make fruit roll ups and beef jerky for him when he was younger…

So he decided to make beef jerky! Beef jerky is such a perfect snack for him to grab at work and also great for me when I am too busy to eat properly during the day.


He has already made four batches with different flavours; Teriyaki, Curry lemon, Maple bourbon, and Honey miso garlic.

All of which were so yummy!

He cooks by taste, and he didn’t really measure any of the ingredients, but I will post what he put in the most recent marinate here.

mommyoutnumbered.com easy homemade beef jerky recipe
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Honey Miso Garlic flavoured Beef Jerky

2016-03-19 17.20.59_edited

Home made beef jerky


What you need:

2016-03-18 20.05.38_edited.jpg

honey, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, red miso, garlic powder, onion powder


2016-03-18 22.56.58_edited

Because this container creates a vacuum, causing the meat to suck up the marinate quickly, we only need to marinate it for 2-3 hours in the fridge


2016-03-18 23.05.06_edited.jpg

Pat down the beef strips with the paper towel to get rid of the excess moisture


2016-03-18 23.05.15_edited.jpg

Place the beef strips on the trays and dehydrate for 4-8 hours (depending on thickness and desired firmness)


And you are DONE!

2016-03-19 17.20.55_edited.jpg

Now you have your homemade beef jerky, that’s much better than the store-bought ones!

There is no preservative in it other than some salt so I wouldn’t recommend leaving it out of the fridge for more than a day-or-so. We love it so much that we finish it within a few days anyway 🙂

If you happen to own a dehydrator, please try it. It’s so easy and yummy!


Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Easy Home-made Beef Jerky

  1. mommyoftwinjas says:

    Please give it a try. You will love it 🙂 I have an allergy to capsicum (which is in hot peppers) so it’s tricky to find a beef jerky flavour that doesn’t contain it, so I am glad my hubby makes our own now 🙂

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