Review on handmade non-toxic playmats

Non toxic safe play mats for baby

Have you ever seen a meme photo like this on your Facebook or Pinterest?


This particular one is what I made on my phone with my pictures of our house! (Wow it changed so much)



My point is, our living room is now basically our kids’ play room. It makes sense. I can watch them play while I cook, and the family gathers in this area, so naturally the boys’ stuff accumulates here.

I love a tidy room, like we had before, but I much more prefer having our boys be like babies and have lots of fun!


Today, I thought I would share my experience with baby-proofing the hard floor for babies. Our bamboo flooring is pretty hard and can be cold so I wanted something to cover the area the babies would be lying down, sitting, and playing in. Since our cat likes to scratch foam mats (we had them in our exercise room in our previous house), we opted to go for cloth mats. Our decision was influenced by my mom who, when I was a baby, spead a huge blanket around the room.

We have two thick play mats that we use as a base protection, and then we used to lay down a few more layers of blankets or bedspread on the floor for added cushion, and also to protect from baby messes (food, baby fluids).


Here, I wanted to introduce those base mats, which we have been constantly using for more than a year now.


I researched like crazy when I was pregnant. I wanted something good quality; something that would last and be made from safe materials.
Here is the shop I bought my two mats from:

Peppermint Pinwheels

I am reviewing her product now because I LOVE these products and it’s something I am so glad I decided to get for our babies. I am not sponsored by her shop at all. It’s my decision to post my review on these products


It was a year and a half ago when I purchased from her, so I will paste my review I wrote on her shop at that time:

What a gorgeous work and great service! Stacey accommodated what I wanted and gave me ideas and options as to how my playmat is going to look like according to my living room size, the fact Im having twins, and our hardwood floor area. It was surprisingly done and shipped very quickly considering it was totally custom made and every detail of the mat is perfect! I love the quality. I can hardly wait for my twins to be here to enjoy this wonderful soft playmat 🙂



They arrived in a big box, neatly packaged!


I was super excited. I washed them both before the twins arrived and they held really well. I have since washed them many times actually due to accidents from having babies around, and they are still in the same good shape as when they came to my house.


These mats are now a staple of our living room.


The boys at 2 months old

I feel safe in knowing there is no chemical in these mats since it is close to where they spend all of their time.


The boys rolling and wiggling…lots of heads bonking on the floor!


a few weeks ago as the boys enjoyed their bottles while watching TV



The giraffe mat is a custom order. I wanted a bigger size to fit my living room and asked for double padding. The top, backing, and batting are all made from cotton.




The padded patchwork quilt is a little bit smaller but it is a perfect baby play mat. The colourful patchwork is great for their eye development as well.





If you are interested in a non-toxic cotton quilt option for baby’s playmat, I really recommend Peppermint Pinwheels!

Great for baby shower gifts too.


Thanks for reading.

I hope to do some reviews on baby product and other mommy products find useful, and I hope this kind of post can help expectant parents.

9 thoughts on “Review on handmade non-toxic playmats

  1. mommyoftwinja says:

    Thank you! Yes I like that it looks cute too 🙂
    Yes we installed the fireplace hearth fence once the boys started crawling. My husband says it was easy to install. He just had to find studs on the wall and fasten it with the screws. We have KidCo Auto Close Hearth Gate. Hope that helps! 🙂


  2. Alisa says:

    I really love the look of the play mat but I’m worried that it will fold over/scrunch up when my baby is crawling all over the place the way that other quilts do. any ideas?


  3. yosh_mommyoutnumbered says:

    Hi, thank you for your comment (I apologize for replying so late!).

    As for these mats I use, they don’t scrunch up. the mats are thicker than a quilt made for a bedding. the material used is thick and durable. so our boys had no problem moving, crawling, and walking on these mats without the quilt bunching up or folding. We also had them on a carpet or a non-slip mat, so that probably helped to be stay put too.
    I hope that helps!! 🙂


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