made it to 37 weeks!


I am full 37 weeks pregnant now and going onto the week 38!

Ever since I found out I’m pregnant with twins, my doctors had told me it will be nice to make it to at least 36 weeks…

Now, here I am, at 37 weeks!!

My boys seem content in my crowded belly haha. They move SO MUCH and I am uncomfortable but there is no sign of labour or anything… yet….
I think I can make it till my c-section date which is just next week! 😉

I will update if anything changes!!!


5 thoughts on “made it to 37 weeks!

  1. My Brown Baer Cub says:

    Woo hoo!! So super excited for you as I know exactly how you feel!! Good luck this week it’s exciting scary overwhelming and very special. You have done the hardest thing you will ever do making it this far with twins

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  2. My Brown Baer Cub says:

    One more thought – if you have ANY QUESTIONS that are weighing on your mind about the c-section, after care in the hospital, questions for the nurses, swaddling or breast feeding, car seats, milk supply, etc., please use me as a resource! I just went through it all and it’s very current still in my mind. I would be happy to help put you at ease. I know it would’ve helped me. 😘

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  3. mommyoftwinja says:

    Thank you soooo much. I am very nervous but I am getting super excited too 🙂 I don’t know what to expect… and as you say, I have been preparing for the babies as much as possible but I am sure I will find so many new questions and worries once they are here. How are you feeling now? how are your boys? 🙂 it is hard for me to imagine what the recovery will be like while trying to take care of twins. Also I hope I can breastfeed them after c-section. I got formula ready just in case but if its possible Id like to try. Thank you for such a supportive comment! I bet you are super busy with your daughter and new twins! good luck xo

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