10 days!

Hi there! 🙌

Im 36 weeks + 4 days
I am still at home🏡 and my babies are not out of my belly yet!

In fact, I don’t think they want to come out at all. lol 😅

Other than having difficulties walking and taking stairs, I don’t feel anything different.

Today at Non Stress Test, the nurse was so surprised my uterus is still very soft despite all the weight and fetal movement I have. 👍

My doctors told me my body knows how to grow twins and it has been adopted very well. In fact, we have lots of twins in both sides of family so maybe my body is handling it better than I imagined…. 😱

My doctors tell me they can be born anytime now and will be healthy,
but the hospital won’t allow a scheduled c-section prior to 38 weeks.
So it’s just waiting game!!!😵

If my condition stays the same,
I will meet my boys in ten days!😆💕

I am very excited.

I already love my babies so much.

I am just so anxious and can’t wait for the special day!🎊


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