Looking back 2014 (TTC, pregnancy, etc)

It is almost the end of 2014! 🎆

I decided to look back this year before starting the next one!😋

It might be very TTC and pregnancy focused but that is what this year was filled with and I am so grateful for it to have happened 😉

Here we go!

January 2014
・Started training new people at work.
・Still doing gel nails as hobby (used to do them for me and my mother in law)
・actively TTC – BBT and OPK everyday —- It had been 3 1/2 years of trying including Clomid cycles then
・Shopping at Home Sense and Home Outfitters every weekend for decorations for our new home (only two months since we bought this house)

February 2014
・Started Jazzercise and also went for hikes with friends on weekends
・TTC – getting discouraged and depressed so we didn’t try so hard this cycle
・Took a side job on a weekend as a translator / interpreter (English Japanese) for our mayor

March 2014
・5 year wedding anniversary🎁 – Husband surprised me with an anniversary band!!
・Mother in law was diagnosed with ALS disease.
・Husband strongly suggested for us to step up the fertility methods after finding out about his mom having a fatal illness.
・Got a referral to a well known fertility clinic
・I started a series of acupuncture treatments at women’s acupuncture clinic

April 2014
・Acupuncture every week
・Participated in lots of social outings with coworkers to get rid of my stress of TTC

May 2014
・Consultation with a fertility specialist doctor
・Started Clomid, got blood tests and ultrasound done, and then IUI treatment was performed along with acupuncture the same day
・Hubby’s best friend’s wife gave birth to a most beautiful baby girl!!! We got to hold her when she was two days old 🙂
・Had to go to an ER for a really bad case of UTI.
・Had a high fever and really bad cough
・My birthday – coworkers gave me a cake at work and hubby took me to a fancy Italian restaurant 🙂

June 2014
・Blood work done – HCG level was really high! OMG I am finally pregnant! For the VERY first time!!!!!
・Had a first pregnancy scan and…….. We found out we are having TWINS!👶👶

July 2014
・First vacation this year! – We visited Toronto and Banff!😆
・Second ultrasound and our babies are growing well
・Started to get a baby bump… The brideamaid dress no longer fits and the weddding is next month!😰 – begged a seamstress to make my dress ‘bigger’ and she did an amazing job! 😉

August 2014
・Traded in our small car and bought a SUV for our growing family
・Took a short trip to attend my coworker/friend’s wedding💒
・Told my coworkers about my pregnancy and also met up with my good friends to finally share the news

September 2014
・Found out our twin babies are BOYS!👦👦
・Registered baby registries
・attended work BBQ party
・Last day of work… 😥 and short term disability leave starts…

October 2014
・Coworkers threw me such a nice baby shower!💞
・My mom came to visit for a few weeks🙌
・Husband and my sister in law organized my baby shower with family and friends!
・Lots of shopping, reorganizing, washing baby clothes we got at the shower… etc

November 2014
・Maternity photoshoot done at 27 weeks
・Stopped driving after having severe pain while I was out by myself and had a hard time driving home

December 2014
・Hubby’s birthday!🎂
・another UTI…
・Have been going for little walks with hubby everyday. 🙂

I would say….
2014 was definitely our lucky year.

I wouldn’t wish upon anyone in this world to go through the terrible experience of wanting to have a baby but just cannot… You feel useless and helpless.
The four years of infertility was the toughest chapter of my life.

I could not believe I actually could get pregnant. I still sometimes think this is a dream. Thank you so much babies for coming to us….!

My work year was great… promotion and raise 😉 and they were so nice to give me an additional Short Term Disability leave before going into 1 year Maternity / Parental leave (my OBs insisted on stopping work at 21 weeks because of the risk of preterm labour)

My husband’s family has been going through some tough time dealing with my MIL’s illness but they all seem to light up when they talk about our twins on the way 🙂

I hope next year brings happiness and healthy babies into the world! Only a few more weeks to go till I get to meet and hold them! 🙂
I cannot wait to see what else 2015 brings us!!🎉🎍🎆


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