32 weeks pregnant update

I hit 32 weeks yesterday!

Wow finally!

It feels like it took forever to get to 30+ weeks. But at the same time, it makes me nervous to think that I ONLY have up to 5 weeks to go…..😵

Am I ready?


✔ The twins’ nursery is ready.
✔ We completed prenatal course and baby care class.
✔ My mom is flying here in a few weeks to help us out
✔ Hospital bag ready
✔ Carseat bases installed

The question is, am I going to be ready mentally in a month??? I am going to be a mom?!
Well, I will find out. But I can say I am so excited to meet my babies finally after longing so much for this to happen.


👶32 week update👶

・bladder infection
・more intense braxton hicks contractions
・pressure and pain in lower abdomen when they kick (they are both breech)
・in good mood
・very very very big appetite
・more difficulty lying down (compresses my lungs)
・no swollen feet


I have an ultrasound and NST next week on Christmas eve! can’t wait to see how they are doing😘


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