Cause of discomfort and uterine tightening

Just got a phone call from my doctor and my urine culture exam’s result came back!📞

Turns out I have bladder infection!:o

She says bladder infection during the third trimester usually gives the feeling of labour-like contractions and discomfort.😵
Now I understand why I am so uncomfortable!!

Now I know why and I have solution so I am kind of relieved! 🙂

Hope I start to feel better with antibiotics👍


2 thoughts on “Cause of discomfort and uterine tightening

  1. mommyoftwinja says:

    Thank you! Knowing what is wrong put my mind at ease 🙂 Infections aside, my breech babies are kicking my bladder constantly so I feel like my bladder is still being attacked hahaha


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