31weeks 3days OB appointment

Yesterday’s ultrasound and OB appointment went really well! 😄

They were going to get me to take a Non Stress Test but they canceled it because my condition looked very good and my OB decided I don’t need a NST at this stage yet!


both twins are growing really well.
I am so thankful they have no problem so far!


Baby A: 4lbs 6oz
Baby B: 4lbs 5oz

Wow they are huge!! haha

My cervix is still long enough that my OB is not concerned at all. I feel very lucky because despite the fact it is a multiple pregnancy and pregnancy after fertility treatment, my pregnancy has been “normal”, not risky.

My OB even told me she is pleasantly shocked that I will most likely be able to keep my babies till full term.

Only thing is…..
they are still both breech…😩

If they (or at least baby A) don’t flip in next two weeks, I will have to set a scheduled c-section date since there is not much chnace of them fliping after that.
It will most likely to be scheduled between 37 and 38 weeks which is toward the end of January!!👌

I did not have any solid birth plan or preference, so whatever is safer for twins is what I will accept!🙏
My OB is s specialist who is used to perform complicated c-sections, so I am glad to be in good hands!:)

Now, I feel better knowing my babies are doing well. I can deal with my kidney pain and the discomfort due to the weight… they all seem such small problems to deal with 😉

Here are some ultrasound pictures!


Top: baby A and baby B are touching nose to nose. They were facing each other interacting with their hands too! 😍

Left: baby A

Right: baby B

Now, I just hope next 5 weeks will go by fast😸


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