Contractions and fFN test

I am 30 weeks 2days pregnant today.
My twin boys are still very active!💪💪

For the last couple of days, I have been feeling more frequent tightening of my uterus. Also I started to feel heavy pressure (almost painful to stand or walk) in lower back, pubic bone area, and whole down there.

My contractions yesterday were 15 min apart and lasted around 2min each.

When I went for my regular appointment at my materniry doctor’s clinic this morning, my doctor was concerned so she sent me to the hospital right away to get fFN (fetal fibronectin) test, Group B strep test, and cervix exam.

She said the cervix length is not too short and not dialated yet, but it is soft.

The fFN result came back negative for the the swab from behind the cervix and positive for the swab from the cervix.

The doctor is pretty confident that my babies and I will be fine for another few weeks according to the result.
She just told me to rest A LOT.

Phew!! I was scared!😵😰

My goal is to keep them in here till at least 36 weeks….
I can do it for another 6 weeks 😜

Oh and found out Baby A (L)is still breech and Baby B(R) is head down.
Baby A…. please turn!!!!!🙏

Oh when we came back from the hospital, I found this in the mail!😍


Thank you Similac for sending me free samples! that’s pretty generous! 😘
so helpful 🙂

I think that’s it for the update for now.


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