I was going to upload this entry yesterday but the boys had a really bad night that I couldn’t have any time writing my blog after they went to bed.

They keep catching a cold after a cold. Now M coughs pretty badly at night and it wakes him up…They were sleeping through night until we got back from Japan and now they seem a bit off. Oh well.

Despite the worst sleep they had in a long time, they woke up at 7am in the morning! Yay! (mommy is so tired)



It was such a beautiful day yesterday even though the wind was a bit strong.

We actually stayed home all day but the house was so warm from the sun and I couldn’t not go outside with the boys.


So, we just played in our backyard.


Our peach tree has lots of sprouts


Poor M is still sick so maybe it’s good that they don’t go to a playground with other kids or a play area etc.





Hope today will be a nice day too so we can do something outside again!

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