Hi there,

Since we got back from Japan,
we are keeping busy.

We discovered that our boys love animals and nature so we take them outdoors lots.
And it’s good for them to use some energy outside.



I wish I felt more comfortable taking the boys out by myself more… I usually only do it when my husband is around since they pick anything off the ground and eat (they both have almost choked on a rock and a strange object before) and they run the opposite directions so I don’t feel safe watching them at the same time all alone.

Here are a few pictures of my cooking & baking…
I looooove cooking but I usually cook a fast meal so babies can be fed quickly πŸ˜‰


Omurice (fried rice with chicken & vegetables with thin omlet on top with demi-graze sauce) I made.

These are not for the boys.. I usally make same meal for everyone but don’t add as much salt or sugar on babies’ food, or sometimes I prepare easier meals and snacks for them.

I will write about the boys’ feeding schedule and menu in a separate post one day πŸ™‚


It is getting much harder to get good pictures of them. They are so busy! They won’t stop to pose for camera.

good night!

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