I have been wanting to write a post but whenever I start typing, I get distracted! (have I mentioned I have 3 months old twin boys? lol) 😜

The boys are taking a nap in their bassinets now so hope I can write this before one wakes up!πŸ˜…


my boys are 12 weeks tomorrow!
They are very healthy and so cubby! πŸ™‚ Their weights and heights are in 85-90 percentile! Wow!;)

I have been so lucky since they are very good babies. Of course I am pretty busy taking care of two infants but it has been manageable πŸ™‚


  • They are now exclusively formula fed as of 8 weeks (and I am so happy about this decision)

  • They drink 2-6 oz every 3 hours

  • They sleep a stretch of 6-7 hours at night and total of 13 hours of sleep at night

  • They nap for 1-2 hours during the day

  • Both boys smile and giggle!!!😚

  • They look at toys and bat them

  • They can hold their heads up pretty well

  • Tummy time has been much easier for them

  • Twin A really enjoys story time. He looks at books and really focuses. Twin B is starting to look at patterns

  • They now recognize each other and they touch each other’s faces while staring at each other😍

  • They seem to sweat so much so they seem to be happier and sleep better in cool clothes (looser fit, not footed)

  • They sleep during car rides but they seem to be awake in the stroller.

  • They are happier when being held upright😘

I admit I sometimes complain about being so tired but this stage happens only once so I have to enjoy it!!! πŸ™‚

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