Being off work since week 21 of pregnancy and having my baby showers early, I have been slowly getting ready for birth and arrival of the babies.

My twin belly is very large now and with my current kidney issue, I only get to do a few things done everyday. I am lying down most of the day as instructed by my OB and maternity doctor.


my yesterday’s little project was to prepare the daily baby log!


Not exactly cute, but practical πŸ™‚ I made the template so I can print more out as I need.

With nursing and changing diapers for two babies, I think I would have to keep track of which baby I have fed, etc… πŸ˜‰

Also with my hubby and my mom helping, I hope this logging system would be handy to see what was already done!

What else needs to be done before they arrive??

The twins’ bassinets and nursery are set up… We have the car seats (haven’t set them up yet) and I have everything for my hospital bag and babies’ bag.

If anyone has advice, let me know please!!

have a great day!

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